Sweet Heart Baby Blanket

BFF baby blanket!

Idee der creativmarkt

Crafting shop in the heart of Berlin

What to make next?

Planning a new project is normally an adventure full of questions that need answers

Olca Cowl

Quick cowl in Berroco Mykonos yarn

Azufral Capelet

Azufral capelet in Berroco Mykonos yarn

Add new ball for knitting

Adding a new ball of yarn for knitting

Autumn Knitting and Stiching Show 2017

Making the most of my one day at the show


Lovely yarn shop in the heart of San Francisco

Acer Shawl

My first crochet lace shawl

Stitching group

We started a stitching group at the office!


Maltese Lace and no way to source the raw material locally

Yarn Bowl

My awesome new yarn bowl featuring a Dalek! Extermiknit! Extermiknit!

Birthday Yarn

Lovely birthday present from my friend!