Double Knitting

Learning Double Knitting with Anwen Rose

A couple of weeks ago I went to a training session by Anwen Rose. Up until then, I had been avoiding putting fingers on gloves, calling them mittens instead. I think glove procrastination is over. I learned how to fingers in an easy way instead of knitting something very small in the round. I only did half a finger as a proof of concept, but it was  quite a revelation in terms of understanding how the piece grows:

Proof of Concept Finger

Anwen showed us how to cast on in a way so that the tip of the fingers are smooth, almost a continuation of the knitting, rather than having an abrupt end. There is a video about how to cast on for a closed tube on her website

Now I am searching for the right gloves to make to try this knowledge…

We learnt other things like hems, which will prove useful as soon as I get to the neck on the sweater I am currently knitting.

I recommend anyone that hasn’t dared trying double knitting to try it and enjoy! 

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