Where does all my spare time go?

I have been doing none of the crafts I love so much lately, and I wonder why. Several things come to mind when I think about it:

  • Lack of spare time
  • Lack of inspiration or mental energy to do anything useful

Do I lack spare time? I work every day from 9am to 6pm give or take half an hour depending on meetings. In the mornings, before I go to work I have been trying to fit an hour workout in during the work week, this means going to the gym, working out, coming home, having a shower, which on average takes 2 hours end to end. That leaves lunchtime (which I mostly work or waste my time online), evenings and weekends. This means, in theory, I have 2 hours each evening plus weekends of spare time. That is 10 plus 24 hours roughly. That would be a lot of knitting and crochet if I put my mind to it.

So, is the problem that I lack inspiration? Mental energy? I think one of my main problems is that I don’t disconnect. When work finishes I continue to stare at one screen or another. Whether it is email, facebook, twitter or the news. They are, probably, my biggest sink of time and it is worth reclaiming. All the time I spend staring at a screen mindlessly is time I don’t spend doing what I love. Whether it is spending time in meaningful conversations or crochetting/knitting or designing something. I also like to read and I haven’t read for quite a while. My attention span has suffered dearly over the past few years. I won’t blame social sites but my inability to ignore them, rather.

Why do I invest so much time on something so shallow? Why do others do this? I think it is time to change. No time like the present to make some adjustments to the way I invest my time. At the end of the day social media would be just fine for spare time if it made me feel better somehow or helped me unwind, but it doesn’t.

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