My new Sonnet

Making keyboards for fun

Once again we approach the end of the year and I get all excited about all the things I have done and all the ones I want to start in the new year. One of the things I have spent part of my Christmas holidays this year making is keyboards. I know this is a bit off topic for my blog, but it is a hobby of mine and something I feel really happy doing, so I thought I would add a new tag to keep my keyboard journey documented. This is the second keyboard I build for myself, the first one was an Obliterated 75 in Nantucket Red that I build last year.

This year I have built a Mode Sonnet keyboard.

The Keyboard

This keyboard features the following:

  • Mode Sonnet from Mode Designs. The configuration is:
    • Accent: Rose Gold
    • Bottom: Gold
    • Feet: Grey
    • PCB: Solder
    • Top: Silver
    • Plate: Carbon Fiber / Universal
    • Internal Weight: Copper Wave
    • Silicone Base: None
    • Plate Foam: No
  • Keycaps: Osume Sakura
  • Durok v2 stabilisers
  • Equalz Tangerine V2 Switch 67g Linear Switches

Building mechanical keyboards is a hobby with a lot of things to learn. How to choose and prepare the switches, the stabilisers, what kind of layout to choose, how big the keyboard should be. In this case, I went for an ISO layout (given that I live in the UK) with a big enter key. The board required soldering, so I soldered the switches to the board:

The Keyboard's board

Edit: After a day with those keycaps decided I wanted to try a different keycaps set, the DCS Paperwork, and I am much happier with this new look:

The Keyboard with new keycaps