The Stash

How much yarn is "enough"?

When I started crocheting I developed this interest in exploring all kinds of yarn available. It is difficult to explain, but every time I go to a yarn shop, or a yarn event… I look at yarn and even if I don’t need it for anything in particular, if I like it, I buy it. 

Also, when I learn a new technique, I start thinking of all the possibilities. How would this look on a thinner yarn, and on a thicker one, and in this or that colour, and with a thinner/thicker hook? What would be the perfect length? And a new world of possibilities open.

Part of my yarn stash

Some ideas never come to fruition or are not good, and hence that particular yarn goes to my personal stash to wait for a new project/idea to come along. Some other ideas require more yarn or less yarn, so I either have to buy more or have some leftovers.

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