Tunisian Crochet

Learning tunisian crochet, a technique somewhat between crochet and knitting

Last year I decided to learn about Tunisian crochet. It was this amazing crochet technique that looks like knitting (many stitches on the hook at the same time), but only with one "needle" or long hook. I learnt the fundamentals of it with a course in Craftsy called Tunisian Crochet. Once I enrolled, I decided to go for the same hooks that were featured on the videos, a Denise Tunisian crochet hooks set, which I had to buy online in the US and took a couple of weeks to arrive. In retrospect I should have probably bought only one hook because I haven't used that many in the few projects I have made in Tunisian crochet. 

The training took me through the basics, the first project they propose is a wash cloth in one colour:

Wash cloth

The second one shows how to do the same but with three colours:

Three colour wash cloth

I never finished the multi-garment featured on the course, because it was a large project and I didn't really like the finished garment to commit so much time to it, hence no motivation. However I did try most of the different stitches they demonstrate on the training and it was an excellent learning exercise. 

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