Tunisian Neck Warmer

More neck warmers, there's never enough of them

After learning how to do Tunisian crochet, the first thing I tried was to create a neck warmer. I loved the tunisian simple stitch, easy to do and very simple to grow a crocheted piece of fabric. 

This was my first neck warmer with Tunisian crochet. I used Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted for this project: 

Tunisian Neck Warmer

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of putting it into the washing machine once and it came out small and fully felted, so I made another one later on, tried to use the same yarn because I love it, but I promise this one won't end up on the washing machine by mistake: I learnt my lesson. When a yarn label says it shouldn't go into the washing machine, it is for a reason.

This time I added a few rows of a different stitch to spice it up a bit:

New neck warmer

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