Happy to report that one long standing WIP project has been ticked off my list! 

I finished my first minion in October 2014, then I made another one for a friend and the last one to complete my minion collection has taken me until today to finish. The project is complex, however it is not as complex as one year worth of spare time; this was just me being sidetracked over and over again by the newest and shiniest yarn and off to making something else.

The pattern for these minions can be mostly found in All About Ami, although I modified the eyes to be 3D instead of flat. And this is the end result:

My minions!

In the process of making these funny guys I learnt a few new tricks:

  • making long and playful strings that don't need filling to look awesome (arms)
  • embroidering with yarn (overalls)
  • use of a glue gun (hair styling, mouth and logo)
  • shaping bits and pieces with felt (mouth and logo)

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