Jeans Pocket Replacement

Changing jeans pockets is an adventure due to how embedded they are on the garment

One of the reasons why I bought a sewing machine was to be able to fix clothes that we like, when they break for whatever reason. Or to fix things that are not completely to my liking when it comes to clothing. My first of these projects has been a jeans pocket replacement. This pocket was rebellious and had already been sewed by hand once and broke again in a few days, so my only option was to replace it for new fabric and sew it again. I have discovered that jean pockets are sewed before the trousers are put together, so they are sewed to the top and the sides of the trousers which means to be able to properly replace them, you need to un-sew part of the jeans and then put them back together.

It took me over 40 minutes to remove the old pocket and over 2 hours to sew the new one in place.  

Just to illustrate what I mean, this is what the old pocket looks like:

Pocket picture

And this is what the new one, after I finished with it, looked like:

The new pocket

It is not pretty but it is functional and sturdy. I am really happy with the result and so is the owner of the jeans  :-) 

I guess my only advice is: undo as much as you need to get the pocket out from the top and from the side and cut the rest out around the little metallic roundy things that hold it in place originally. Then cut a piece of cloth that resembles the old pocket and has the right texture and start sewing one seam at a time, without rush, going around the metallic round things where you need to. It will eventually come together even if you are a newbie, it can be done, it just requires patience. Undo seams as many times as you need to, until you are happy with the result.

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