Mystery Quilt - Are you game?

My first Mystery Quilt finished!

Quilting challenges

Quilt along with Quilting is my Therapy

Christmas project

A little something to accompany our Christmas cards this year

Free Bird BOM

The Thread House Quilt Club

Quilting discovery

Free Motion Frenzy 2021 course

Why did I buy an HQ Sweet Sixteen

Quilting on a sit down long arm machine

My quilting journey

How quilting got me through the pandemic blues

My new overlocker

Introducing you to my very first overlocker

Mystery Quilt - Clue 1

Let my first real quilt ever begin!


First decoration project finished

Cathedral Cushion

My first cushion

My first "quilt"

My first quilted panel and what it turned into

Face masks

Home made face masks

Juki DX7

My new sewing machine

Autumn Knitting and Stiching Show 2017

Making the most of my one day at the show

Fabric scissors bag

Making my first leather bag was an adventure, sewing is not as easy as I thought

Twin Needle

Experimenting with different kind of needles on the sewing machine

Jeans Pocket Replacement

Changing jeans pockets is an adventure due to how embedded they are on the garment


Visited the Knitting and Stitching Show Quilt exposition, those quilts are quite inspiring

Spring Knit and Stiching Show 2016

This time around I focussed on sewing at the show, there was a lot to explore and learn

1 year later

My first sewing machine