Fabric scissors bag

Making my first leather bag was an adventure, sewing is not as easy as I thought

One of the first things I learnt when starting to sew is that I needed proper scissors to cut fabric. Paper scissors weren’t appropriate and neither were appropriate the small yarn ones.

I have a favourite shop in the UK to buy scissors to I thought of them and I bought a good pair. Unfortunately they were so big that I couldn’t find an appropriate case or leather bag for them, so I decided to make one. I bought a piece of faux leather and a press lock clasp and I was all set for the project. I did cut the faux leather and my project started to take shape:

All ready

I decided to use my usual presser foot and a 100 sewing needle:

Foot and needle

It didn’t take long for me to realise this was the wrong foot for the job. The top layer of the fabric was getting stuck whilst the bottom layer kept going, I needed a different presser foot. I remembered something I read on the sewing machine accessory bible, there is a presser foot for fabric that gets stuck: the roller foot. This is what the successful set up looked like:

Roller foot

The only issue I found using this foot is how to put the needle thread the way it has to go (really easy on the normal foot) so I had to “thread the foot” as well as the needle in this case, putting the thread through the foot’s opening and to the back. Now I was all ready to start and I ended up with a nice and easy to sew bag for my scissors:

Finished Product

I am happy I can finally store the scissors in a safer bag than the one they came in (where the bottom was already broken and they could slip out at will). 

Lesson learnt The right foot and needle for the fabric goes a long way towards success


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