Embroidering quilt labels

Stepping into machine embroidery

One of the things I have been wanting to learn to do and tried a few times with my Juki sewing machine was embroidery. I didn't need much complexity, just a nice quilt label to attach to the back of my quilts. It is a nice reminder of who made the quilt, when and for whom (if it had a clear destinatary). I have read extensively how quilts move from hand to hand and are difficult to cataloge and understand without a properly detailed label, and I have left a few details out of this one almost on purpose, since it's a mystery quilt after all...

I decided to go all in on labels and embroidery tricks and got myself a lovely machine to be able to do just that. I chose the Brother Innovis NV880, for no other reason than the best I could buy within my budget. If there is one thing I have learnt in the past few years of buying equipment for sewing, is that no matter how small my ambitions for this machine are, I will want to do more with it as I learn to use it.

Embroidery Machine

And almost immediately I had to learn how to design a label and stitch it, it took a few attempts until it was at a place I liked:

Mystery quilt label

Mystery quilt label finished

Embroidering requires not only the machine, but also knowledge about how to add support to designs and how to make sure they'll widthstand the washing and the pass of time. It also needs the sewer to choose the right needle for the thread at the top and the bottom. I have no doubt there's a million things I will need to learn before I feel fully confident in my ability to do any label, but as a first attempt, I feel really good about my first labelled quilt!

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