Sparkle And Shine - Quartz

Mystery Quilt Sparkle and Shine

This Mystery Quilt started in the middle of the pandemic, in 2021. It took around 12 months for the top to be completed, then a few more months to put it together. After that, I had to figure out how to quilt such a big quilt (72 sq inches), and this was a mental block more than anything else, I was not sure I had a space big enough to baste it on the floor, so I kept postponing the basting for a very long time.

To be honest it is difficult to remember all the ins and outs of a project that takes almost 3 years to make. It was fun because I got all the way to the end and now we get to enjoy the biggest quilt I have ever made.

This is a peak into the quilting:

Sparkle and Shine quilting

Then I created and attached the quilt label, this happened last week: Quilt label

And last but not least the entire quilt all binded and finished:

Sparkle and Shine quilt

What are the main takeaways of this quilt:

  • Biggest quilt ever finished for me (72 sq inches).
  • It has wool batting, unlike all my other quilts before which were either cotton or poli-cotton batting. Wool is way lighter. I have also washed it and it looks still gorgeous, washes better than cotton and poli batting in my opinion (it is also more expensive).
  • This quilt has the first home made quilt label ever for me. None of my other quilts have been labeled.

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