One can never have enough scarfs, for all purposes

One of the easiest things to do when you start knitting/crochetting are scarfs. When I started crocheting, I developed a liking for neck warmers, which are a small scarf that you can put your head into and you don't need to tie it or anything. If you make them of cotton or some other fiber that is nice to the touch, they are awesome for sleeping or just being cozy at home in winter. I did two of those for us when I was starting crocheting and we still use them every night:

Neck warmers

I didn't follow any pattern here, just got two or three skeins of cotton and kept changing colours every 5 rows of double knitting stitch, until the desired length (just take into account that you need to put it through your head).

I also created a posher alpaca one later on for my other half. This one can be worn on the street and is the warmest neck warmer I have made to date:

Alpaca neck warmer

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