PJ Holder Turtle

Making something useful as well as cute

This week I am on a work trip and I have crocheted something for the daughter of one of my colleagues. She is an adorable child and always wants to join his dad’s work meetings, so I get to meet her on regular basis: one of the advantages of working from home, you work with your family!

I was thinking what to make for her that was easy (didn’t have much time until the trip) and appealing to a 5 year old girl. I decided to go for a PJ holder from a pattern by Melissa Bennett, called “Critter PJ Bags”. This pattern was published as “Pattern of the month” in the April 2007 issue of Crochet World magazine. 

This is the turtle when it rests on the bed looking at you:

The turtle

This is the bottom of it: 

Bottom of turtle

We’ll see if she likes it :D

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