Spring Knit and Stiching Show 2016

This time around I focussed on sewing at the show, there was a lot to explore and learn

This year I decided to attend the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show looking for inspiration regarding sewing. I know that for textiles this show is one of the most inspiring (and handy for me to get to) in the UK, so I booked my spot and a couple of days off work and I headed there earlier this month. I booked two courses: “Introduction to Using a Sewing Machine” with Barley Massey and “Simple Summer Seaside Dress” with Miss Libby Rose. Both the courses were good at teaching me basic skills, the first one with the machine (which I was by no means familiar with yet), the second one taught me to measure myself and draw a dress pattern and then cut fearlessly the fabric to make the project happen. 

Pics of my dress making adventure, which is not finished yet (we didn’t have time to finish it in 3 hours):

Dress Making

My shy attempt at quilting (stopped by the Quilter’s Guild UK space and they taught me the basics of patching):

My quilt square

There were other interesting items I saw and felt inspired by, I will publish those on separate posts. 

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