Stitching group

We started a stitching group at the office!

A couple of months ago we started a Stitch 'n B*tch group at work. We meet every week on Thursdays at lunchtime in a meeting room for those of us in the office and via online conference for the rest.

We work in technology and most of our workforce is remote, so we decided to make the group inclusive and invite not only people that may be interested in the office, but also colleagues working from home. So far there is four of us regularly attending this once a week meetup at lunchtime and we are having lots of fun sharing stories from our respective areas of the company. We are all from different departments and if it weren't due to this hobby we all share, we may have never gotten to know each other that much.

I cannot encourage crafters out there enough to get organised and do something other than sitting in front of the computer during the lunch hour. Stitching or walking are fun activities and help socialize with your colleagues, plus they are fun. And it makes us so much more productive afterwards!

We are currently planning to attend at the end of the month together :-)

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