Acer Shawl

My first crochet lace shawl

Stitching group

We started a stitching group at the office!


Maltese Lace and no way to source the raw material locally

Yarn Bowl

My awesome new yarn bowl featuring a Dalek! Extermiknit! Extermiknit!

Birthday Yarn

Lovely birthday present from my friend!


Where does all my spare time go?

Easter break

Getting my crafts organised (spring cleaned)

Fingering Yarn

My first time using fingering yarn, super thin yarn

Lanas and Coffee

Visiting this lovely yarn shop in Aviles, Spain


Finally done with the second armadillo. Another WIP complete!

First finished project of the year

Finally back on track with my crafts, managed to finish a long standing project

New blog design

Making the blog prettier and more usable was a must. Welcome to the new design!

Merry Christmas 2016

It is that time of the year again, the holidays are upon us!