My knitting bag

Leaving the plane I thought I had all my belongings with me, however my knitting bag decided to stay behind

Fabric scissors bag

Making my first leather bag was an adventure, sewing is not as easy as I thought

Twin Needle

Experimenting with different kind of needles on the sewing machine

Jeans Pocket Replacement

Changing jeans pockets is an adventure due to how embedded they are on the garment


Visited the Knitting and Stitching Show Quilt exposition, those quilts are quite inspiring

Spring Knit and Stiching Show 2016

This time around I focussed on sewing at the show, there was a lot to explore and learn

New Project!

It has been a while since I started a new project, always happy to start something new

First Jumper

My first knitted jumper ever (and why no one will ever wear it in public)

Knitting Styles

There are as many ways to knit as there are cultures that required clothing, in this post I am discussing English vs Continental knitting


Happy to report that one long standing WIP project has been ticked off my list! 

WIP review

Review of all the work in progress projects I have, need to prioritize

1 year later

My first sewing machine

Knitted Hat

My first knitted hat ever