Why this blog?

Knitting. Crochet. Yarn. Creativity. Fun.

Ever since I started crocheting I have devoted a lot of time and energy to creating new things. I learnt how to read patterns, how to interpret and adapt them to my needs. I learnt to create 3D items from a strand of yarn and I wanted to write about it. But I didn't have the appropriate media for it. I tried flickr, facebook, my old blog. All of them partially suitable but not entirely. 

Slowly my old personal blog died without new content whilst I was busy crocheting and planning for new exciting projects. The list was ever growing but my time is limited, so I decided to close my old blog and start fresh. Be able to talk about my newly discovered passion in a space that was designed for it. Knitting. Crochet. Yarn. Creativity. Fun.

Every class I have attended to about crochet or knitting and every conversation I had with experienced knitters, they all kept telling me: there is no crochet police, there is no knitting police, small issues in your work are ok, nobody will notice. But I am also an engineer, I don't like to leave failures on my work once I have noticed them, so if I see a problem I undo part of my work, or all of it and start again, correcting the issue... I do this all the time.

That's why I chose **knitpick **as a name, because it describes my approach to the crafts quite accurately. Now I only need to find a good logo, and since drawing is something I am not very good at, I will keep trying :)

Some internet artwork Picture from: http://guineveregetssober.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/knitting12.jpg

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