Japan visit

A few days in Japan for work, tourist shop had crocheted goodies

At the end of October I had to go to Tokyo for work. I had only 5 days there and a conference to attend, but I somehow thought that I would have time to do some yarn shopping and go and see their world famous yarn shops. Then reality hit me: I had to work during the hours the yarn shops were open. I didn't have spare time to do day tourism and evenings were just there to go for dinner and back to the hotel to continue working. I would like to go back to Japan one day and do some proper yarn tourism, but one thing I saw that I have seen nowhere before was the touristy shops, they had crocheted sushi amongst other handmade/yarn goodies. I took a picture because I thought maybe I would have time in the future to make some yarn sushi:

crocheted sushi

Other day I had a traditional Japanese breakfast, which I also thought was picture worthy:

Japanese breakfast

This will have to do for now, but next time I am there I will definitely do my best to visit their yarn shops!

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