New York Yarn Shop

Lion Brand Yarns of all kinds and shapes

In our recent trip to New York I found a yarn shop that I loved and I will go back to it every time I am in New York from now on.

It is the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. When I arrived in the middle of the afternoon, it was busy and had two different classes ongoing (knitting and crochet for beginners), however they still managed to take care of any questions random shoppers had. The shop looked small from the outside but was spacious and well organised in the inside. I didn’t think I was going to like it because I am used to go to Michael’s and see Lion Brand synthetic yarn there, so I wrongly assumed all they did was synthetic. But I found lovely natural fibers and ended up buying a few things (I hadn’t planned to knit or crochet during this trip but they gave me the perfect excuse):

Lion Brand Yarn Studio

We also discovered a very nice bakery nearby that made our afternoon all the more enjoyable. If you ever find the time to go to this shop you should also try to make it to the City Bakery a few streets from there. They do the best hot chocolate with marshmallow I ever tried, however I find marshmallows too sweet so went for a fruit scone and just hot chocolate (luckily we had walked over 10km that day and didn’t have to worry about the extra calories). 

City Bakery

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