Maltese Lace and no way to source the raw material locally

We went on a trip to Malta recently. There are a lot of beautiful places, we visited the three islands, here is a spot in Comino that I found particularly breathtaking, the Crystal Lagoon:

Crystal Lagoon

I tried to find a good yarn shop, as you do when you go on holidays somewhere nice and exotic. Malta has a lot of shops where they sell handmade items, crocheted or knitted, they seem to have a long tradition of the crafts. Finding a shop for yarn was, however, not possible.

Maltese Lace is beautiful. I was told that one of these shawls, 100% silk, take around 4 months to make and sells for 100 euros:

Maltese Shawls

They also make lovely jumpers:

Maltese Jumpers

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