Lovely yarn shop in the heart of San Francisco

A couple of weeks ago I was in San Francisco for work. This was not my first time in San Francisco, so I didn’t really have a very packed agenda. Since it was Sunday, went out with a couple of colleagues, we stopped at Presidio for picnic and ate some amazing food from the lovely food trucks there (Off the grid). Afterwards we headed to what would be a very amazing visit to a yarn shop abroad. Imagiknit:

Imagiknit shop

I had never heard of it before one of my friends at work mentioned it a couple of weeks prior to our trip. The shop was a delight: spacious and a nice atmosphere, welcoming. A lot of different brands of yarn. Lots of ideas hanging near the different brands of yarn.

Inside the shop

It took us a while to do our shopping, there was a lot of wall space to cover and we wanted to make sure to get enough yarn to have something to remember this little corner of the world by. The shop keepers were knowledgeable and helpful, they got me some of the colors I needed and were not on display. They were kind and also gave me advice on some of the patterns I was interested in, found the books I was looking for. They did not only have yarn, they had plenty of accessories and books to choose from too.

Inside the shop

And this is what my shopping looked like when I arrived to the hotel:


ImagiKnit has become a new must go place for me whenever I go next to San Francisco. Totally worth a couple of hours if you are ever visiting the city and are into knitting or crochet.

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