My knitting bag

Leaving the plane I thought I had all my belongings with me, however my knitting bag decided to stay behind

Last Thursday I flew to Vienna with my partner for a long weekend. As I do on all my trips, I grabbed my travel knitting bag of unfinished small projects and I put it on my backpack. I like to travel with a couple of small projects, one crochet and one knitting project, because it gives me a bit of variety and I will work on one or the other depending on my mood.

However last Thursday I took my travel knitting bag out when I boarded the plane but I never put it back into my backpack on my way out. This has never happened to me before, I always check all the little pockets in front of me, under the seat and on the overhead locker... this time, I forgot one place and my bag was left behind.

I realised of my mistake when we were already on the train on the way to the hotel, what a way to start a few days off! When we arrived to the hotel I called the lost property phone from the airport. It turned out I arrived just after the collection of lost items had happened for the day, so I had to wait until next day to see if my bag would appear. I decided to send them an email with a detailed description of the bag and the contents and hope for the best.

Sure enough, next day I received an email saying that they had my bag with them and I could pick it up at my earliest convenience or they could send it to some other airport if that worked better. On my way back home I stopped and the lost property stand at the airport and collected my bag. Phew! That bag contained a half started cowl, a half started armadillo, my first ever hook bag (I made it with the first skein of yarn I ever bought) full of hooks and goodies.

See a pic of my adventurer knitting bag, back where it belongs, with me!

My knitting essentials

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