Add new ball for knitting

Adding a new ball of yarn for knitting

I knit less than I crochet, and this means that I forget all the basic things from time to time. Up until now, I had never had to join a new ball of yarn to a project, because my projects were small and used just one skein.

After some research, I have found this video quite clear on how to add a new ball of yarn safely:


  1. In the middle of a row, insert the needle as if getting ready to knit a stitch normally.
  2. Instead of using the old yarn end, create a loop with the new one, and finish the stitch with it.
  3. Loop the old end of yarn over the top of the two new ones, this prevents a hole from forming.
  4. Holding both strands of the new ball of yarn do three or four more regular stitches to secure everything.
  5. Drop the short end from the new ball and just pick up the long strand and continue as normal.

Note: be careful on the way back not to work increases on the stitches that have been knitted with two strands, work them together. If the loose ends loosen up whilst you are working, give them little tugs, then weave them in.

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